'Vital Signs' EP - CALAPSE

Posted on 27 January 2018

Music collective and record label Raund Haus introduced their first release of 2018 in the form of the 'Vital Signs' EP from Durham-based producer Reed Benjamin a.k.a. CALAPSE.

The 3-track EP features a more uptempo, "socialable" sound from CALAPSE, who attributes the vibe to playing more shows in 2017. "It's meant to be played in a club on a loud system," said Benjamin. "After playing out more than I ever have as CALAPSE, I was very conscious of how I wanted to push the tempos in these songs and turn up the energy."

Vox Box, the single from the release, comes accompanied by a music video produced in tandem with Starkeffect (Shobhit Sharma), a Physic Ph.D candidate at Duke, and thefacesblur (Adam Graetz). The video was created using "generative art implemented in code to create abstract forms." How that works, we have no clue. But see for yourself below:

The video mirrors the direction Benjamin sought out for the project. "Musically, I wanted to focus on dynamics and interesting arrangements. I think the craft of songwriting is often lost in electronic music. There are cases where having the same beat loop forever is effective, but I was more interested in really sculpting a world for each of these songs to exist in, and for each part to define the dimensions that make up the emotional depth of that world."

The EP is available for purchase on Bandcamp or wherever you stream music.

Let this musical acid trip take your on a journey through space and time and join us and the Raund Haus team on February 10 at the Living Arts Collective in downtown Durham for their two-year anniversary party.

Details and RSVP available here.


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