HYPE: A web series about rap and startups in Durham, NC

Posted on 04 April 2017

The younger generation in America is a self-starter generation. They believe in being able to do what they want and what they think is important. Everyone’s a business, a brand. It’s an entrepreneurial way of thinking and one that parallels the rap industry and, obviously, the startup world. These spaces are the backdrop of HYPE and represent the idea behind the title. Much of a new rap artist or startup’s success is due to the hype surrounding it, and thematically, this is what the show is about; how we maneuver our personal perceptions and realities.

Filmmaker Holland R. Gallagher has launched a Kickstarter campaign in support of the show. The campaign runs until May 4th. With the $10,000, HYPE will shoot over the summer.

Click here to view the campaign.

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