Experimental Beat Night ‘Raund Haus’
Debuts At The Shed

Posted on 17 April 2016

Raund Haus, an experimental beat showcase, makes its debut in Durham on February 6th at The Shed Jazz Club at Golden Belt.

Organizing members David Huber (Hubbble), Nick Wallhausser, and Randy Maples (Trandle), see it as an opportunity to energize the developing producer/beat maker scene in the Triangle.

Upon returning from life in Japan, Wallhausser connected with Maples after run-ins within the producer scene. The genesis began after a number of conversations with other local beat makers who showed interest in the idea. “We just never went anywhere with it. A few months later, Hubbble crash landed in Durham. He was really the missing link that we had needed,” says Wallhausser.

Huber, a transplant to Durham, recently spent time deep in the LA beat scene, absorbing inspiration from legendary artists like Flying Lotus, Thom Yorke, Erykah Badu, and James Blake. “I think this night will bring people together and serve as a meeting of the minds for individuals to collaborate and celebrate what’s going on here in the Triangle.” His experience working with musicians to create atmospheres of collaboration and creativity in both LA and St. Louis motivated Wallhausser and Maples to bring Huber in on the project.

"The community in LA along with their commitment to extreme quality was unparalleled and I was lucky to be part of it through working with many of the artists and especially the now defunct Eagle Rock Music Festival. It left a lasting impression on me of the potential of young, creative people coming together to do something amazing that the rest of the world notices."

The music scene in the Triangle is strong, diverse, and ripe for a play at the national stage. As of late, it has produced standouts like Sylvan Esso and King Mez, not to mention the long list of DJs like Treee City, PlayPlay, and DJ Rang who routinely pack dance floors across the area. Shows and parties are ample, but there is a void for producers whose work in progress seeks a public audience.

“We want to resonate with the producer coming out of the bedroom studio and showing their work to their peers and an attentive and appreciative audience,” says Huber.

This is the mission tasked to Raund Haus.

“The area has killer artists of all genres,” says Wallhauser, local producer and beat connoisseur who hopes to provide space for beat makers and listeners of instrumental hip hop, electronic, and the like. “We’re not in a big city like LA where this kind of thing happens all the time, so it is hopefully going to help build a community and scene for it here.”

After participating in the Moogfest x Runaway Dial-Tones afterparty in December alongside Maples and a slew of other producers, Wallhausser recognized the potential for such an event.

“It made me realize that there are people in the area that are into beat making. That was definitely the night it hit me that this kind of event could happen and it not just be Trandle and I playing beats out. That was a night in which important connections were made that reinforced the desire to get Raund Haus together and was another step in the whole genesis of it.”

The group envisions the music on display evolving over time, with the inaugural event exploring mostly in trip hop and boom bap beats. “It will be varied for sure, but artistic freedom is always important,” says Wallhausser. Hip-Hop in jazz club is fitting for a line-up whose sound is akin to producer legends like Dilla, Madlib, and Peanut Butter Wolf.

You can find more grooves from the artists playing at this month’s showcase on the Facebook event.

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