New Carolina

In 2012, Runaway unveiled a unique collection that spread like wildfire across the city of Durham. The omission of two letters transformed a name into a symbol, and DURM™ was unleashed. Throughout the campaign, we’ve paid homage to our rich heritage with collections like Black Wall Street and used the platform to showcase Durham’s diverse and intentional culture. It was important to us as natives of the Bull City to tell our own story alongside the evolving narrative of Durham we saw unfolding before our eyes.

Across North Carolina, other communities of creative entrepreneurs are blossoming, driven by similar values of multiculturalism, history, and innovation. Our ambition is to scribe a new narrative not defined by our politics but by our citizens; to unionize our state’s creative class into a powerful force poised for the national stage.

Runaway is proud to unveil our latest project, New Carolina, as a beacon to those here in NC and beyond searching for something greater than themselves; a sanctuary for free expression and artistic ingenuity. DURM™ will lead New Carolina as its flagship collection while we look to expand on the ideas of identity and community that anchor our company values and work with artists across the state to tell a greater story.

Our forefathers entrusted us with this motto:

Esse Quam Videri.

"To be rather than to seem."

We plan to answer that call to action. 

Join us for the inaugural event on April 22.

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