“Humble Beginnings” - Janeva ft. ZenSoFly

Posted on 24 January 2018

Written by Ryan Cocca

For anyone even half-paying attention to the Triangle music scene, ZenSoFly has been a constant, unavoidable presence over the past year. From getting major local looks (the cover of INDY Week, main stage performance at Moogfest), to making big moves outside the state (debuting a song with Afropunk), to being nearly ubiquitous on local show bills, Zen is hardly a hidden gem at this point.

So it’s kind of her to introduce us to someone that definitely no one in the Triangle is aware of, JANEVA, an Australian singer with less than 500 SoundCloud followers.

According to Zen, the two artists met on Instagram, collaborated on the track online, and have still never actually met. That being said, their new release is good enough to convince you think otherwise.

On “Humble Beginnings,” Zen finds a perfect partner in JANEVA, a soulful vocalist that can more than carry her weight with the melody, allowing Zen to drop a straight rap verse that brings a refreshing change in tone to the proceedings. Simply put: this song is buttery fucking smooth and every minute you’re not listening to it is a minute wasted, as far as this humble writer is concerned.

Zen has been buzzing in the Triangle long enough — 2018 is time for more outside collaborations like “Humble Beginnings,” where her style and voice can elevate the end product, and in the process, elevate her own profile too.

Hear more about Zen's next show at Friday's Party Illegal showcase on episode 2 of The Rundown, available now.

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