The Rundown #4
1/4/17 - 1/9/17

Posted on 04 January 2017

TOMORROW, January 5th — Local Band, Local Beer ft. Alex Aff, Danny Blaze, Defacto Thezpian, Jooselord Magnus, South Rome
@The Pour House, Raleigh

You don’t have to be the author of a weekly local music newsletter to recognize that Local Band, Local Beer’s 10 straight years of regular local music programming in Raleigh is truly a sight to behold. I won’t get into the details of LBLB’s lengthy run, or its new 2017 move to charge $5 for entry, as both have been thoroughly reported by INDY’s David Klein already. What I do want to get into is the content of this particular show, heavy on names that should ring a bell to anyone who follows the Triangle hip-hop scene with any familiarity.

The first three names that jump out are a trifecta of Durham artists who recently traveled up and down the East Coast together as part of the Aff & Friends tour: Alex Aff, Danny Blaze and Defacto Thezpian. Each one has relatively new music, from Aff’s four new songs in the last 20 days to Defacto’s four-song drop early in last fall, as well as Danny’s song, “California Dreaming.” The trio is among Durham’s most active, so it’s no surprise to see them well-represented on LBLB’s first full-rap bill in a long time. Add to the mix Jooselord Magnus, the gravelly-voiced battering ram of an emcee who also coordinated the upcoming “Old-Fashioned, Unamerican Barn-Burner” which spans two nights in Durham and Raleigh in mid-January, and you’ve got a full lineup (he also released a song with Nyck Newz two months ago, “Bad Day,” that is a must-listen). The one newcomer (at least to my knowledge) is South Rome, who obviously brings a cerebral approach to his music, as shown in a song like “The N Word.”

The packed lineup of regular local acts is encouraging, but it does start to beg those same questions that always loom with any local music scene, about if too many artists are playing too many shows too often in too small of a radius (more on that later in the week). Just a month ago, Aff, Blaze and Defacto played a show together at The Pinhook in Durham. Blaze and Defacto, along with Joose, are part of the Barn-Burner show later this month (also at Pinhook), and Joose opens for the WIFIGAWD show this Friday at The Pinhook. If you’re recognizing a few of the same names affiliated over and over with the same venues in a small span of time, you’re not the only one. It’s a circumstance for which a number of intersecting factors are to blame (venues, transportation and media, to name a few), with artists probably last on the list. Whether it’s an issue at all is open for debate, as well. But at Local Band, Local Beer, with an audience that rarely comes to see hip-hop, one would hope the show serves as an introduction to some of the most consistent voices in our local hip-hop scene. If they want to see them again in the two or three weeks that follow, there will be ample opportunities.

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