Non-Legends Art Show

Posted on 09 July 2018

Runaway presents 'Non-Legends', an art exhibition by Ryan Cocca. Join us Friday, July 20 at our flagship location for the opening reception featuring new work and collaborative apparel. 
Refreshments provided by HopFly Brewing Co.
Music by Vacayvacayvacay

Artist Statement: Great art exhibitions represent deliberate, trailblazing bodies of work — exhaustive explorations of subject matter, form, or medium. They ask hard questions, force us to face difficult truths, and in doing so, contribute to the very fabric of our society. They are reflections of the artist, the time period, and sometimes, even the audience members themselves. Then there are art exhibitions that say, "Hey, Kanye West and Russell Westbrook have similar last names — wouldn't it be funny if they were combined into a mask-wearing, MPC-wielding dunking machine named Kanye Westbrook?" 

Such an art show faces no difficult truths, and contributes almost nothing to society, but does ask questions of its own: Would a Flat-Earther stand any chance (rhetorically or physically) against the legendary astronomer/boxer Mike DeGrasse Tyson? How different would Stankonia have sounded if Big Boi were joined by a massive, superhuman wrestler named Andre The Giant 3000? And could Carolina basketball's next star be a dimension-traveling, bloody-nosed guard named Eleventh? We may never know the answers to these questions, and we probably don't need to. But it's fun to pose them, while we look at this cast of imaginary characters who feel oddly, amusingly, delightfully, familiar.

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