Limbo: An Exhibition
by Carter McCall

Posted on 09 January 2017

Remember the people we like to put in places and forget about. Remember the term ‘temporary’ is very, very elastic. It rises overhead like tarpaulins in the wind then become cold and rigid like the ground underneath the stars when sleep won’t come. Remember pain is instantaneous. But boredom, longing, and fear are dull aches that turn stomachs like hunger. Remember time is it’s own form of torture.

The ongoing global refugee crisis has been portrayed as a story of motion, a steady stream of refugees fleeing from far off places of oppression and violence to places closer to safety; closer to us.  But it it is more often a story of stillness, isolation and limbo. Over 60,000 refugees are stuck in Greece after border’s closed throughout Europe at the height of the crisis last spring. They live in terrible conditions, bearing the weight of the trauma they fled along with the fear of an uncertain future. These are a few of their stories. - Carter

* * *

Carter McCall is a documentary photographer and filmmaker who has spent the past year documenting the ongoing refugee crisis in Greece. These portraits and accompanying stories are pulled from interviews with refugees in Greece to express the complex, harrowing and overlooked aspects of navigating life as a refugee.

Join us at the Runaway Store & Gallery on January 20 from 6-9pm to celebrate his work on Third Friday.

Event available here.

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